Taco Cart Catering in Orange County for some grilled bell peppers. (562) 774-3747
Taco Cart Catering in Los Angeles serving some shrimp appetizers. (562) 774-3747
Taco Cart Catering in the Inland Empire with classic Rice and Beans. (562) 774-3747
Taco Cart Catering Fresh & Vibrant Party Tacos

Party Tacos brings you Taco Cart Catering with made to order tacos


Perfect for any event and tasty for all occasions. Bring Taco Cart Catering by Party Tacos to your next event. Have your guests raving as our tacos leave them wanting more. Everyone loves tacos, from kids to adults there is something for everyone to enjoy. We even have quesadillas, be sure to place that order today.

(562) 774-3747

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